Sunday, June 22, 2008


I made a vow yesterday. I promised my brother, Yang one thing. I was sorry for him and myself because I did not work hard all this while.

Our dream is big.

From now onwards, I promise my brother that I will work hard for these few months; work hard for the final examination and the public examination, STPM too. I already got up.

I will perform my best and I will be the crème de la crème!

This is no kidding. I promised him and I will fulfill and accomplish it!

I want to further my studies abroad; I do not want to stay in Malaysia anymore. I will do this. I do not want to regret anymore.

Yesterday night, I was awoken. I did not sleep anymore. Some words got me thinking. It is not the time for me to rest and relax anymore.

This is the only chance I work my best of the best and fly overseas.

For the first time, I felt the love and passion rushing to my heart! I knew what I want very clearly. I knew what I want! I will walk and die for it! I do not want local university, I want a scholarship and to stay in The United States and get a green card and stay there as a citizen! This is my American Dream.

I promised my brother and myself that we will work hard together until we win all these!

We have the same dream and we are going to pursue it. We are going to do whatever to go for it and to get a title of Psychologist.

We are not going to let that go!

At night, I was listening to while I was pulling my socks and slogging my way to revision and home works. The song “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera was playing and this is my brother’s favorite song that I sent him.

At that very moment, deep in my heart, I did not feel hollow and empty anymore. I felt there was a fire inside me. The flame was burning hot and it was my passion inside that was burning.

I know I had to do something that moment. Aye. I have to work thousand times harder to go for my dream.

I am going The United States and I am going to be the world’s prestigious psychologist (my brother too!) and a criminal profiler. I will not let myself and my brother down!

This is me, the real me! I have awoken. I do not sleep in slumber anymore.

I love you forever Yang. This is the sound you hear from me talking. For brothers: Macus Ong and Ong Ch’n Yang.

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