Monday, February 15, 2010

Save Them - Happy Tiger's Year of 2010

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In the year of Tiger, wishing you abundance in all ways.
However, FYI, please save our tigers before we have no chance to see them again!
The number of our Malayan tigers is declining from day to day. They are being hunted and poached for their precious skins, teeth and valuable body parts. So, our Malayan tigers are facing extinction now and please, do not let them disappear


Low Saturation of RGB
F5 @1/25

High Saturated RGB
F5 @1/125
This the the stand-alone red pole of The Fern Garden in NUM. 
Both photos are taken with different saturation of white balance and shutter speeds. Different shutter speeds made the photo looked dim and bright per se. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010



I was wondering why there's a girl who dressed up beautifully standing in front of a stall in Petaling Street...

Then, I saw the whole crew of 8TV and with the TV3 van (trailer) behind them. At that time, I realized they were filming the LIVE broadcasting to 8TV news regarding the Chinese New Year's Eve, which we usually called the Reunion Night. In this night, we usually have our reunion dinner, but as usual, Petaling Street, too, were flooded by people, mostly foreigners and Chinese - to buy Valentine's gift eh? or to buy the Chinese Mandarin with the cheapest price in there eh?

I was standing right behind of the Live Reporter. I can't remember her name too. Maybe while she is doing the Live Broadcasting in 8TV every time, I didn't even notice her name... But I just knew her face (she was familiar to me in 8TV!)

At that time, I knew the feeling standing and being filmed in a LIVE broadcasting... Sp happy... It's like people posing 'peace' hand-sign when they noticed they were being filmed!

P.S. Anyone sees me in the news? If you do, then you know I was in there with no purpose. Shall I say... I was in there willy-nilly, eh?

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Friend

A Friend of mine since secondary years whose with the most innocent smile in the world, eh?
Photo taken on 31st January 2010.
Event: Ang Pau Festival, PAP
Subject: Ong Yong Chin

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Both are my course friends. We knew each other through... photographs. This is how we met.

GuangXi Acrobatic Show Mid Valley City, KL

Here you go with the GuangXi Acrobatic performances in Mid Valley.

Mid Valley Showcase- Sportsmanship of GuangXi Acrobatic Art

I did not bring my gadgets to Mid Valley as I did not know there will be great performances such as Instrumental Showcase and Acrobatic Show. So, I just manage to snap these few photos with the most basic gadget I have with me.

Nokia N3120 Classic
2.0 MegaPixels

The sportsmen spirit of these China acrobats are to be saluted by us. We were stunned by all their acts. We can feel what they had high above, holding the only pivot to support his whole weight and to make acts on the very few pivots he has!

One by one, the chairs are stacked and he was making to the top of top. Phew!

Their spirit should be planted in us.

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