Monday, July 19, 2010

I Am Proud To Conquer [Thanks Yatim!]

This is specially dedicated to Yatim Zainal, my dearest mountain guide. Without you, I won't stand on the summit 4095.2m of Mount Kinabalu.
The mount summit that I have conquered with Yatim. 
Sea of clouds.
Sunrise on the summit. The Low's Peak.
Misty. Mobility Go Go Go!


Julie Padasian said...

n u make me miss my hometown more! lol

Julie Padasian said...

macus, ur shots are amazing! keep up ur good work. :)

Arvienna Mok said...

i love the way u capture the scenery. good job!kudos to you for being able to climb the mountain!!!

Jensen Ong Macus said...

Thanks JeevA!
I really hope i did improve.

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