Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bai Thni Kong: Stage Concert

Bai Thni Kong, or known as the Birthday of Jade Emperor, was celebrated by the Hokkien community annually on the ninth day of Lunar New Year. This year worshiping has thronged more than 30 thousand devotees to Chew Jetty to give offerings and witness the occasion. A 30-metre long altar was set up before the Jade Emperor's statue for the devotees' offerings. Devotees offered roasted chickens, roasted ducks, roasted pigs, jerky meats, eggs, glutinous rice, sugar pagodas (t'ng tak), prosperous cakes (huat kuih) and so much for the deity. The most important thing that must have for the prayers is the sugarcane stalks. 

According to the Hokkiens, their ancestors from Fujian province survived persecution from the Sung Dynasty soldiers by hiding in a sugar cane plantation on Chinese New Year for nine consecutive days. On the Jade Emperor’s birthday, the people came out unharmed and believed that they were protected by the deity.

Devotees have prepared prayers paraphernalia and plenty of offerings on that very day. Then, all were abuzz for the Jade Emperor's birthday.

For more photos, just click on to Ong Macus Photography.

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