Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mid Valley Showcase- Sportsmanship of GuangXi Acrobatic Art

I did not bring my gadgets to Mid Valley as I did not know there will be great performances such as Instrumental Showcase and Acrobatic Show. So, I just manage to snap these few photos with the most basic gadget I have with me.

Nokia N3120 Classic
2.0 MegaPixels

The sportsmen spirit of these China acrobats are to be saluted by us. We were stunned by all their acts. We can feel what they had high above, holding the only pivot to support his whole weight and to make acts on the very few pivots he has!

One by one, the chairs are stacked and he was making to the top of top. Phew!

Their spirit should be planted in us.

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juLiE said...

revisit mid on fri. this time bring along ur gadget!

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