Sunday, February 14, 2010



I was wondering why there's a girl who dressed up beautifully standing in front of a stall in Petaling Street...

Then, I saw the whole crew of 8TV and with the TV3 van (trailer) behind them. At that time, I realized they were filming the LIVE broadcasting to 8TV news regarding the Chinese New Year's Eve, which we usually called the Reunion Night. In this night, we usually have our reunion dinner, but as usual, Petaling Street, too, were flooded by people, mostly foreigners and Chinese - to buy Valentine's gift eh? or to buy the Chinese Mandarin with the cheapest price in there eh?

I was standing right behind of the Live Reporter. I can't remember her name too. Maybe while she is doing the Live Broadcasting in 8TV every time, I didn't even notice her name... But I just knew her face (she was familiar to me in 8TV!)

At that time, I knew the feeling standing and being filmed in a LIVE broadcasting... Sp happy... It's like people posing 'peace' hand-sign when they noticed they were being filmed!

P.S. Anyone sees me in the news? If you do, then you know I was in there with no purpose. Shall I say... I was in there willy-nilly, eh?


Jing Xiang said...

Haha... getting live on TV is sure one thing... Last time I went to visit the 8TV station (during my F3, a schl trip) some of us get a chance to be interviewed on a TV show "The Eve's Diary" n was broadcast-ed the next day... We too hv the chance to take photographs with 2 of the hosts (which happen there were only 2 of em)... one is the host of the program mentioned n one is the Gary frm 8864... Bt too bad... I was unable to find those ppl who took the photographs... Now I only hv those which I m nt good looking or at the wrong positions... :(

Jensen Ong Macus said...

Wow! That was a great opportunity! Nevermind, we still have time getting fame. Haha

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