Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hold Your Thoughts | He Is The Best One

I have been offered to be fetched back to my residential college by my lecturer. 

He, Dr. Abdul Salam bin Haji Yussof is the most friendly lecturer that I can find in UKM who teaches U1 (TITAS and Hubungan Etnic) courses. I have represented my group to present our title "Future Shock", which I only prepared 7 slides, while Dr. Salam requested for 10 slides (at least). However, I did the slides mostly with photos and I presented what we wanted to share with and amongst the students in his lecture. 

It was a great experience for me to talk in front; to elaborate the ideas only with the photos in my slides. I felt great as this is the very first time I did my slides with photos; elaborated with photos; and much more. He inspired me to do better each and every time I was in his class. 

After the class dismissed, he had a little talk and he thanked my for giving such informative presentation. Then, while he was walking towards his car, I was collecting and sighting for any recyclables around the Pusanika and the alley beneath PTSL. It was 7.30pm, and it was dark. After that, he honked me, and he asked me where I reside; he insisted and wanted to send me back. I was touched when he offered me that. 

[Lessons learned]
1. Never underestimate yourself. You can do better from time to time. 
2. Be kind to others so that we could get the same in return. 
3. A good lecturer motivates you. A bad one deforms you.
4. A good lecturer can bring us towards the bright path, and filled us with so much energy to speed up and accelerate.

Credits to Dr. Salam. Credits to my fellow group members. [I hope I can get my video where Dr. Salam has filmed during his TITAS presentation]

Yes! He is, the only one lecturer in UKM whom I seen, filmed his students during their presentations. 

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